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  • 12/21/2015
    Whether you work in a manufacturing facility or at an auto-repair shop, you need your parts and tools available to you at a moment’s notice. In other words, you need a storage solution that can protect valuable pieces of equipment and move with you when you’re on the go!Vidmar’s industrial toolboxes are some of the toughest, longest-lasting storage components in the world today.  Toolboxes offer easy access to parts and tools, inventory control and management, and tool protection and security.
  • 12/17/2015
    It’s safe to say that safety comes first – no matter the workplace. Vidmar combines safety and storage with our line of cabinets that come with an unmatched lifetime guarantee. Safety cabinets by Vidmar are manufactured to the highest standards of reliability and protection and are built from 180-gauge steel.Let’s take a look at a few different types of Vidmar safety cabinets that can help keep workplaces safe and organized:
  • 12/15/2015
    In the workplace, you need an efficient storage solution you can depend on to keep items organized, secure, and available at a moment’s notice.  That’s where Vidmar comes into play. 
  • 12/1/2015
    Do you have heavy or awkward-sized items that are difficult to find a home for in your warehouse?  Do you find you’re losing valuable floor space due to bulky storage that gets in the way of warehouse traffic and hampers productivity? That’s where adjustable racking comes into play.
  • 11/6/2015
    Sure, toolboxes offer your tools some type of storage. But with Vidmar’s industrial toolbox, you can get even more out of your tool storage solution.Let’s take a look at 5 special toolbox features only Vidmar can offer you and your workplace:
  • 10/30/2015
    Chances are more than likely, if your business is expanding, you’re going to run out of room eventually.  With limited resources and budget, however, it may not always be possible to invest in a new building or facility expansion. 
  • 10/20/2015
    When your workspace needs storage solutions that can house valuable parts and tools as well as drive overall productivity, it’s no surprise that Vidmar cabinets deliver. But how, exactly, do they help you stay organized and efficient at the same time? 
  • 10/9/2015
    Within the many branches of the U.S. government, storage needs abound.  From expansive warehouse facilities and vehicle/machinery centers to data processing centers, government facilities need to be able to rely on storage solutions that can help them make the most of their space requirements.
  • 10/2/2015
    In military settings, combat-readiness isn’t a state of mind: It’s essential to answering the call of duty.  Troops need access to weapons and machinery in a moment’s notice.  Not only that, but they need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for whatever mission lies ahead.
  • 9/15/2015
    Within the many branches of the U.S. government – think data processing centers, administration buildings, warehouse facilities, vehicle/machinery centers, etc. – storage needs abound.  Despite the amount of storage space needed, government buildings shouldn’t have to be burdened with cluttered, disorganized space.