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  • 11/1/2016
    On-the-go quality seating is hard to come by. Don’t sacrifice practicality for ultimate comfort in something you spend a lot of time doing. Whether you sit, stand, kneel, or simply need portability, Vidmar’s Sit-Stand Stool is the perfect option.
  • 10/27/2016
    If you work on the go, you can understand how difficult it is find a flexible workspace designed to fit your needs. Wherever you need to work, Vidmar mobile storage cabinets are in on the action. Heavy-duty casters make your job easier and keep mobility hassle-free.
  • 10/25/2016
    Finding a way to make tire storage practical and hassle-free isn’t exactly always easy. Wasting valuable shop floor space can be problematic, and might even cost you. Vidmar Tire Storage Carousel helps you take tire storage to the next level with convenience and efficiency. Maximizing space and increasing storage efficiency is easy by taking advantage of your vertical storage.
  • 10/20/2016
    You have many jobs throughout the day, and you need a comfortable seat that can keep up with you. Not only is a good seat comfortable but it’s also durable and stable. Vidmar’s Multi-Purpose Stool is the perfect seat to keep your workflow productive and hassle-free.
  • 10/18/2016
    A heavy-duty storage solution that is reliable and efficient is hard to come by. The Vidmar adjustable racking system allows for super flexible storage of items of varying size and weight. The STAK System is built with moveable pallets, instead of fixed shelves, to help you maximize every inch of your vertical storage space—up to 16 feet high.
  • 10/14/2016
    Vertical space can often be wasted, most likely because you don’t have the right storage. Vidmar’s Overhead Storage Cabinets offer an efficient and effective storage solution to meet your needs.
  • 10/13/2016
    If you are dealing with an ever-changing workflow, then you are constantly looking for heightened productivity levels.  Finding a system that safely and efficiently cuts wasted space and time can seem challenging. The answer is not so challenging: the Vidmar Motorized Parts Carousel.
  • 10/6/2016
    If you work on the go and need a workstation that can keep up with you, the Vidmar Mobile Storage Cabinets are ready for action.The Vidmar Mobile Storage Cabinets feature heavy-duty casters for easy movement with cabinets that are built to meet your on-the-go needs in preconfigured designs or custom-built specifics.  To make sure all your tools and supplies are safe and well protected all Vidmar mobile cabinets require lock-in/lock-out latches or a single drawer release.
  • 10/4/2016
    When you store weapons you want to make sure that first and foremost they are stored safely and securely. Vidmar Weapons Storage protects your security. Whether you need to store a small roomful of rifles or a warehouse full of field weapons, Vidmar heavy-duty weapons offers a plethora of options to fit your needs.
  • 10/4/2016
    We all end up having to store too much gear. You want to make sure your employees’ gear and personal items remain safe on the jobsite. Vidmar heavy-duty lockers protect personal items without damage or hassle. Stop struggling to fit heavy-duty gear into tight lockers, Vidmar’s Specialty Lockers provide spaces for all your unique needs.