Agricultural Storage

Agricultural Storage Solutions

Backed by more than 40 years of worldwide storage experience, Stanley Vidmar understands the ins and outs of all things agriculture, allowing us to design and produce agricultural storage systems that meet the tough demands of the farming business.

  • Every one of your storage components will be designed and constructed around your exact needs!
  • A long list of products that will accommodate the storage and retrieval of items of limitless shapes and sizes—and limitless employee requirements
  • Reduce the amount of space you need for storage without reducing the amount of material you can store
  • Our high-density storage cabinets take advantage of every inch of storage space by storing “up” instead of “out”
  • Store up to five times as much material than traditional open shelving in half the space!
  • Each drawer can hold up to 400 lbs., even when fully extended
  • Backed by a super-tough lifetime guarantee!

Learn more about the Stanley Vidmar agricultural storage solutions:

Industrial Parts Storage

Parts Storage & Issue Counters

Small Parts Storage

Service Storage

Maintenance Storage & Tool Room Storage

Maintenance Storage & Tool Room

Bulk Storage Products

Bulk Storage

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