Military Storage

Visit, Stanley Vidmar's exclusive military website designed specifically for federal purchasers.

Vidmar is proud to specialize in storage systems designed specifically for the needs of military personnel. Found in a variety of locations around the world (shipboard, maintenance, container deployment, etc.), our military storage solutions help to support troops at home and abroad by keeping supplies close at hand, increasing work efficiency, protecting and security weapons, and improving combat-readiness. 

Our space-saving, field-tested storage units offer peace of mind – when peace of mind is an absolute requirement. Vidmar miltary storage units:

  • Streamline inventory management
  • Safe & secure weapons storage
  • Reduce manpower requirements
  • Improve combat readiness
  • Custom-configured around your exact specs
  • Used in U.S. military facilities around the world
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee

As a federal purchaser, you have access to the most cost-effective, high-quality storage solutions available through Stanley Vidmar. Learn more here.

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