Industrial Storage Cabinets

modular storage cabinet

Preconfigured Cabinets
Stanley® Vidmar® preconfigured cabinets are available in dozens of sizes and drawer configurations! Mix and match the cabinets you need to get the job done—the possibilities are endless!

Custom Configured Cabinet

Custom-Configured Cabinets
You decide what suits you best with Stanley® Vidmar® custom-configured cabinets! Choose what you want, from housing and drawers to shelving and cabinet doors. Vidmar also offers a long list of accessories!

5s storage cabinet

5S Cabinets
By organizing and better managing your workspace with our 5S Cabinet, you can improve efficiency by optimizing workflow!

esd storage cabinet

ESD Cabinets
A full line of Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD)-protective storage equipment designed to help create a static-safe work environment!

Mobile Cabinet

Mobile Cabinets
Heavy-duty casters make Stanley® Vidmar® mobile cabinets easy to move, allowing you to position them wherever you need to work! Mobile cabinets can be custom-built in any configuration you need.

Industrial Cabinet Shelf

Shelf Cabinets
Available with or without doors, Stanley® Vidmar® shelf cabinets are used to store bulk materials. Shelf cabinet doors are equipped with a magnetic catch and are available as solid steel or steel mesh.

Overhead Industrial Cabinets

Overhead Cabinets
Ideal for existing cabinet systems or new installations, Stanley® Vidmar® overhead cabinets provide additional storage space above cabinets. Options include doors, shelves, shelf dividers, and locks.

industrial computer cabinets

Computer Cabinets
Stanley® Vidmar® computer cabinets provide the ultimate platform for high-impact computer storage and performance! Computer cabinets are available in a number of convenient, secure configurations.

hazardous materials cabinets

Safety Cabinets
An efficient way to store hazardous or dangerous materials, Stanley® Vidmar® safety cabinets are designed for flammables, acids/corrosives, and paints/inks. HazMat cabinet colors identify contents as hazardous.

rool out tryas

Roll-Out Trays
Ideal for the storage of large, heavy items, Stanley® Vidmar® roll-out tray cabinets provide access to all stored items at once plus the ability to fully extend your trays. A new level of convenience!

Industrial Cabinet Drawers

Store up to 400 lbs. in each of your Stanley® Vidmar® drawers! Drawers are available in 15 convenient sizes and your choice of interior compartment setup.

modular drawer cabinets

Drawer Accessories
Customize your drawers with our range of accessories designed to ensure the perfect storage solution for any application.

tool storage cabinet

Use less space to store more with high-density Stanley® Vidmar® cabinet systems! Far more storage-efficient than open shelving, Vidmar modular drawer cabinets are custom-built around your exact needs. Height, width, color, number of drawers, drawer layouts—it’s all up to you!

And with a lifetime guarantee, you know that Vidmar industrial storage cabinets are built tough.

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Vidmar Drawer PartitionSelect Vidmar Drawer partition and divider model numbers are now manufactured from galvanized steel, rather than pre-painted steel, offering enhanced rust protection and uniform color with minimal spangle. Form, fit, and function of the gauge of the steel stay the same. Order individually in any length and width you need with no changes to part numbers or pricing! Current aluminum items remain unaffected by these updates.



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