Cabinet Drawer Organizers & Accessories

Keyless Keypad
Keyless Keypad
Tool drawer foam insert
Custom Foam Insert
Plastic drawer divider
Plastic Bin with Divider
Quarter size tool drawer organizer
Plastic Quarter Tray
Find it quick and store it quick with cabinet drawer accessories perfect for your storage applications! Choose from:

Vidmar Keyless Keypad Lock

An alternative to the SL10 keyed lock option, the Vidmar Keyless Keypad Lock offers the following benefits:

  • Program with up to 25 different user codes for unique user access
  • No more managing multiple keys for different cabinets
  • No more lost keys!

Each Keyless Keypad Lock consists of a zinc alloy lock housing, motorized lock mechanism, and lock toggle and lock rod.

Custom Foam Inserts

  • Cut to fit the exact shape of your tools and other objects
  • Especially ideal for mobile storage cabinets, foam inserts make spotting missing items quick and easy, helping you reduce tool loss!

Plastic Bins & Dividers

  • Quickly removed for easy handling, issuing, and counting
  • Bins can be divided into smaller compartments with easy-to-use dividers
  • Use snap-on plastic bin label holders and paper labels to organize bin contents

MR Latches

  • Designed for use with Stanley® Vidmar® mobile cabinets
  • Keep drawers from opening while in transit.

Ball Bearing Slides

  • Designed to increase drawer smoothness
  • Available in four drawer widths and two drawer depths
  • Can hold up to 200 lbs. (traditional Stanley® Vidmar® drawer slides hold up to 400 lbs.)
  • Can be combined in the same cabinet (MR latches not available with ball bearing slides)

Plastic Quarter Trays

  • Take up one quarter of a standard drawer and are divided into 20 equal-sized compartments

Label Holders

  • Provide instant identification of drawer compartment contents
  • Snap directly onto drawer dividers; paper labels and protective vinyl shields are included

Adhesive-Backed Label Holders

  • Designed to adhere directly to a divider, partition, or plastic bin
  • Allow easy identification of drawer compartment contents.

Hanging File Frames

  • Hold two rows of hanging files
  • Include two letter-size steel frames and one file divider

Cabinet drawer liners
Card Tray
Stanley Vidmar Drawer Bottom Liners Modular Storage Cabinet
Drawer Bottom Liner

Card Trays

  • Can store up to 10,000 cards
  • Available in five popular card sizes

Plastic Groove Trays & Dividers

  • Available in three sizes
  • Designed to store and separate elongated items
  • Take up one-fifth of a standard drawer and can be organized into compartments with groove tray dividers
  • Include paper labels and protective vinyl shields

Drawer Bottom Liners

  • Used to help protect delicate tools and instruments (pegboard and fiberboard required for use with drawer bottom posts)

Drawer Bottom Posts

  • Designed to prevent items with center holes (milling cutters, grinding wheels, etc.) from moving around in a drawer
  • Supplied with wood screws and round paper labels
  • Screwed into pegboard placed over a sheet of fiberboard (pegboard and fiberboard ordered separately)
  • Adapter bushings are used to change the diameter of drawer bottom posts
Cabinet drawer locks
Cabinet drawer padlocks
Drawer lock-in/lock-out
Drawer Locks
Drawer Padlocks
Vidmar cabinet locks
Standard cabinet locks
Drawer lock bars
Multiple Cabinet
Drawer Locks
Lock Bars

Drawer Locks

  • Keep items secure with a heavy-duty lock system
  • Six lock options
  • Keying system is virtually impossible to duplicate

Make the most of your storage cabinet system! Contact a Territory Sales Manager today for more information on Stanley® Vidmar® drawer accessories!