ESD Anti-Static Storage Cabinets

Vidmar lifetime guarantee

Stanley Vidmar’s StaticGard™ series is a full line of Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD)-protective storage equipment designed to help create a static-safe work environment.

  • Adhere to ESD Association Standards, protecting against static damage both on and below your work surfaces
  • Backed by Stanley Vidmar’s lifetime guarantee.
Vidmar ESD Storage Cabinet
Vidmar ESD Inert Gas Housing
Inert Gas Housing

StaticGard™ Workstations

  • Feature a static-dissipative top with a common grounding point for equipment and personnel, plus wrist strap
  • Preconfigured StaticGard™ workstations (maintenance, technician, inspector, packer)
  • Custom-configured options that meet your specs
  • StaticGard™ Sentry 100 Workstation, tested and certified to 100 volts using ESD Association criteria

Inert Gas Housings

  • Storage cabinet housings designed for holding inert gases at flow rates of 6 to 60 standard cubic feet per hour at low optimum pressures (at lower flow rate, relative humidity is reduced in less than one hour)
  • This performance meets MIL-STD-883A “Test Methods and Procedures for Microelectronics” as outlined in Method 2010-2017.1 (at higher rates, relative humidity is reduced even faster)
  • Available in five preconfigured sizes or can be custom-configured to your exact requirements

StaticGard™ Accessories

  • Mobile Casters
  • Partitions & Dividers: Made with a special coating and materials that make them safe for use in static-sensitive areas and customizable into any configuration you need!
  • Quarter Trays: Take up one quarter of a standard drawer and are divided into 20 equal-sized compartments!
  • Bins & Bin Dividers: Ideal for smaller items; easily removed for handling, issuing, and counting; use snap-on label holders and paper labels to organize bin contents

Additional StaticGard™ Accessories Include:

  • ESD-safe seating
  • Work surface and corner shelves
  • Back panels
  • Conductive mat kits
  • Wrist straps
  • Grounding systems
  • Ionizing equipment
  • Circuit board drawer inserts.

Protect every inch of your workspace! Contact a Storage Sales Engineer today for more information on StaticGard™ storage components and accessories!


  • Images and charts below represent Stanley Vidmar’s most popular preconfigured StaticGard™ workstations
  • Available in many more preconfigured styles, and can also be custom-configured to any specifications you may require.
  • All Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets and workstations can be converted to StaticGard™ cabinets and workstations.

For more information, contact a Storage Sales Engineer today. Note: Numerical charts are based on specific preconfigured models; drawer configurations may not match photos in all cases.

Vidmar StaticGard Workstation
StaticGard™ Maintenance Workstation
Model No.
Usable Height


Diagram No.

1SG202-1/4" (57mm)64SGLDQT88
1SG202-1/4" (57mm)20SGLD86
1SG202-1/4" (57mm)64SGLDBN48
1SG507" (178mm)12SGLD108
1SG659" (229mm)8SGLD168
1SG202-1/4" (57mm)24SGLD85
1SG202-1/4" (57mm)32SGLD48
1SG303-7/8" (98mm)24SGLD85
1SG303-7/8" (98mm)20SGLD86
1SG303-7/8" (98mm)16SGLD88
1SG303-7/8" (98mm)12SGLD108
1SG405-3/8" (137mm)12SGLD108
1SG507" (178mm)8SGLD168
1SG9013-1/4" (337mm)8SGLD168

Vidmar Anti-static Technical Workstation
StaticGard™ Technician's Workstation

Model No.
Usable HeightCompartmentsLoading
Diagram No.
1SG202-1/4" (57mm)64SGLDBN64
1SG253" (76mm)64SGLDBN64
1SG253" (76mm)16SG88
1SG354-5/8" (117mm)16SG88
1SG507" (178mm)9SGLD1010

Vidmar ESD Workstation
StaticGard™ Inspector's Workstation
Model No.
Usable HeightCompartmentsLoading
Diagram No.
2SG202-1/4" (57mm)64SGLDBN64
1SG253" (76mm)16SGLD88
1SG405-3/8" (137mm)16SG88
1SG507" (178mm)9SGLD1010

Vidmar StaticGard Cabinet
StaticGard™ Packers Workstation

Model No.
Usable HeightCompartmentsLoading
Diagram No.
1SG202-1/4" (57mm)24SGLD85
1SG202-1/4" (57mm)20SGLD86
1SG456-1/4" (159mm)16SGLD88
1SG9013-1/4" (337mm)4SGLD1616