Safety Cabinets

Flame Protective Industrial Safety Cabinet from Stanley Vidmar
Flammable Safety Cabinet

A simple, efficient way to store hazardous or dangerous materials on-site, Stanley® Vidmar® Industrial safety storage cabinets are available for the storage of flammables, acids and corrosives, and paints and inks.

  • Available in a number of convenient preconfigured sizes or custom-built to your specsC
  • Manufactured to the highest standards in terms of both reliability and protection from harmful materials:
  • Constructed from 180-gauge steel with double walls on tops, sides, bottoms, and doors (double walls integrate a 1-1/2-inch airspace for added safety)
  • Two side vents, both with 2-inch threaded fittings
  • Fire baffle and cap
  • High-gloss epoxy powder coatings inside and out
  • Backed by our lifetime guarantee
Acid/Corrosive Industrial Safety Cabinet
Acid/Corrosive Safety Cabinet
Paint/Ink Industrial Safety Cabinet
Paint/Ink Safety Cabinet

Flammable Safety Cabinets
Keep required flammable liquids safely near work areas.

  • Grounding attachment included
  • Finished with a high-gloss yellow HazMat finish
  • Meet OSHA requirements, NFPA Code 30 requirements, and FM approval

Acid/Corrosive Safety Cabinet

  • Designed for the storage of containers of up to 5 gallons of flammable and nonflammable acids and corrosive liquids
  • Coated with a blue epoxy powder coating for superior protection against chemical spills and splashes

Paint/Ink Safety Cabinet

  • Finished with a high-gloss yellow epoxy powder finish


  • Metal shelves
  • Epoxy-coated metal shelves
  • Polyethylene bottom trays
  • Polyethylene shelf trays
  • Self-closing adaptor kits.

Keep your employees safe with an ultra-tough storage solution!




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