Tool Cabinets & Shelf Cabinets

Tool Cabinet with Two Shelves

Shelf Cabinet with Two Shelves,
Standard Door, and Bottom Pan
  • Ideal for bulk material storage (tools, gloves, cloths, rags, boxes, etc.)
  • Available with or without doors
  • Equipped with a magnetic catch (locks are also available)
  • Constructed to  same dimensions and design as Stanley® Vidmar® standard drawer storage cabinets, allowing the seamless integration of shelf and drawer cabinets. Shelf cabinets can be converted to drawer cabinets at any time.

Available in a convenient variety of preconfigured sizes, our tool shelf cabinets provide often-needed shelf storage space and can be used for a number of heavy-duty purposes (cabinets can also be custom-built to your exact specifications):

  • As desk or workstation cabinets supporting a work surface
  • Stacked above drawer cabinets to house overflow and semi-bulk inventory
  • To keep larger items in a parts family in the same location as smaller items
  • Storage for at-hand items like catalogs, binders, and quick-issue items
  • Backed by our lifetime guarantee


Mesh Doors
Designed with the needs of the military, police departments, and fire departments in mind, mesh-door shelf cabinets are ideal for the storage of critical-response equipment.

Shelf Cabinet with Mesh Door and Lock
Shelf Cabinet with Mesh Door and Lock
  • Provide visibility into the cabinet while keeping stored items out of the reach of unauthorized users
  • Allow airflow to help evaporate moisture or provide ventilation to heat-generating items
  • Available for all sizes of shelf storage cabinets






Protect your most valuable storage items with a tough storage solution! Contact a Territory Sales Manager today for more information on Stanley® Vidmar® shelf storage cabinets!