Stanley Vidmar® Rapid Deployment Container Insert


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When duty calls, the rapid deployment container insert helps you rise to the challenge—whenever or wherever you need to be.

Designed for the high density storage of tools, parts, and weapons, the rapid deployment container insert can be custom configured for new or existing quad-cons, tri-cons, and 20-foot containers. Even drawer options are fully customizable!  The insert also has a four-way forkliftable base for quick and easy deployment.

With ready access to repair parts, tools, or weapons, you can achieve faster retrieval times for mission-critical equipment.


  • Handles loads up to 4,000 lbs. per individual unit or 8,000 lbs. per stacked unit
  • Deployment base accepts pallet jacks for transporting around the facility without a fork truck
  • Units available with cross bracing or panels depending on storage and security needs
  • Built to last with Stanley Vidmar's lifetime warranty

Not sure what type of container insert you need? We can help. Simply click here, and a Stanley Vidmar Territory Sales Manager will design the perfect solution for you.