Mezzanine Systems

Vidmar Mezzanine systems

Completely modular, Stanley® Vidmar® mezzanine systems can be reconfigured as often as necessary—even when fully loaded!

  • Available as two convenient modular systems—the MaxiMezz™ System and the MiniMezz™ System!
  • Backed by our lifetime guarantee
  • Build your mezzanine system around your facility’s space requirements and traffic patterns with aisle and pass-through modules

Basic Stanley® Vidmar® mezzanine systems consist of five modules (all components simply bolt together through preexisting access holes):

1. Two Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets (mezzanine top and bottom)
2. Middle shelf cabinet (provides height and space for overflow inventory)
3. Walkway support system (support rack simply slides into each upper-level cabinet)
4. Heavy-duty grating (drops into place like ceiling tiles)
5. Stairs and railings

Vidmar Mezzanine System Parts

Vidmar Mezzanine MaxiMezz™ System
MaxiMezz™ System

MaxiMezz™ System

  • Consists of modular storage cabinets stacked two-high into rows, with an intermediate shelf cabinet between the top and bottom cabinets
  • Includes walkway support system, grating, stairs, and railings
  • Learn more about the MaxiMezz System >> 


Vidmar Mezzanine MiniMezz™ System
MiniMezz™ System

MiniMezz™ System

  • Requires no walkway or grating system and can be configured with any Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets.
  • Two rows of stacked storage cabinets plus stairs, railings, and a walking mat placed over lower row of cabinets
  • Learn more about the MiniMezz System >>

Rail Kits

  • Available in 30-inch and 60-inch widths for cabinet width openings

Stack Top Feature

  • Can be furnished with threaded inserts that facilitate easy cabinet stacking

Pierced Top Feature

  • Cabinet top knockouts—standard on all Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets—can be removed for easier installation of tops, trays, and other mezzanine system accessories

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