Vertical Lift Storage Systems

Stanley Vidmar Vertical Storage Tower and Lift System

Combine the organization and protection of modular drawer storage with the speed and space savings of a vertical storage system!

Vidmar Tower
The Vidmar Tower automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) is the ultimate high-density vertical storage solution, helping you get the most performance out of every inch of your manufacturing floor space.

  • Manage up to 132,000 lbs. of materials from one convenient computer console!
  • Entirely modular structure
  • Store, locate, and pick materials for limitless types of applications
  • A variety of Vidmar Tower models offer your choice of performance, capacity, and configuration options

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Stanley Vidmar High-Density Vertical Storage System
High-Density Storage
Stanley Vidmar Vertical Storage and Lift System Management Software
Flexible Management Software
Stanley Vidmar Outdoor Vertical Storage and Lift System
Indoor/Outdoor Installation

Modular Construction

  • Tower XL can be built up to 40 feet high
  • Choice of drawers, drawer pitch, and picking bay positioning

Flexible Picking Bay Options

  • Internal or external, opposite or above each other
  • Ergonomically designed to allow optimal picking times and help limit overreach while lifting

High-Density Storage

  • Designed to take advantage of every inch of your available space!
  • Up to 240 drawers at full capacity can be stored in a few square yards
  • Overall capacity up to 132,000 lbs.; drawers can hold up to 1,650 lbs. each

Unlimited Drawer Configurations

  • Available open or with adjustable partitions and dividers that can be configured in whatever layout best suits your storage needs
  • Drawers range from 86-5/8 inches to 21-1/2 feet wide and up to 21-1/2 inches deep. Drawer height is adjustable.

Computer-Based Operation

  • Run by a touch-screen console backed by a PC, allowing easy access to all operational functions at any time (software is based on Windows XP® operating platform and can be easily integrated with an existing computer system).
  • Drawers can be accessed by drawer number, part number, or part description. Multiple Tower systems can be connected and managed using a single server.

Flexible Management Software

  • Available in three basic configurations (Systore Inside, Systore Base, Systore Inside Modula driver) that offer thousands of operating possibilities

Fast Picking

  • By eliminating extra walking, one of the leading causes of inefficiency, Vidmar Tower maximizes operator productivity

Indoor/Outdoor Installation

  • Can be installed outdoors with an independent, insulated structure supplied by others

Safety & Security

  • Local lock-out and tag-out disconnects available on all Vidmar Tower models, along with an emergency stop
  • All motors have brake locks, and all units have product height and personnel protection sensors
  • Locking doors are optional, automatic doors are standard on some models, optional on others. User access is via password/bar code.

Vidmar Tower is available in a variety of models that cover a full range of overall module capacities, drawer capacities, vertical and horizontal speeds, and picking bay styles.

Stanley Vidmar Vertical Lift Systems Accessories

Vertical Lift Storage Accessories
Tailor your vertical lift module's performance to your exact needs! Vidmar Tower accessories include closing doors, drawer partitions and dividers, sliding trays, bar code readers, label printers, and counting scales. 


Together all of Vidmar Tower's features help create a culture of sustainability by providing a high ROI, benefiting the health of your employees through an ergonomic design, and ultimately resulting in a smaller footprint that can positively impact the environment.

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