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Nexus Accessory System

Nexus Accessory System
Nothing makes a Vidmar workbench more functional, flexible and profitable than our system of above-the-worksurface accessories and modular components that optimize the use of vertical space. Make any task easier with shelves, lighting, power, overhead cabinets, bin holders, monitor arms, accessory shelves, document holders and more. All components are ergonomically designed to increase productivity and decrease risk of injury.

Workbench Accessories

Workbench Accessories
Further customize your Stanley® Vidmar® industrial workbench with accessories as useful as they are tough! Accessories include fluorescent lights, under-bench cabinets, bookcases, bookcase risers, door locks, splice kits, power strips, pencil drawers, recessed bases, kick plates, and more!

Technical Benching

Technical Benching
A lighter-use version of our standard heavy-duty workstation, Stanley® Vidmar® technical benching is an ideal way to increase employee productivity at tool workstations, at medical or electrical lab counters, or in general industrial offices.

Vidmar Industrial Workbench Lifetime Guarantee

What do you need your workstation to do for you? Custom-configure your Stanley® Vidmar® workstation to the exact setup that will best suit your heavy-duty day-to-day needs! You choose your cabinets, you choose your drawers, you choose your work surfaces, you choose your accessories—and you can always add on to your workstation when expansion becomes necessary.

All cabinets are backed by Vidmar’s lifetime guarantee. Visit our Interactive Product Catalog for more detailed information on workstations or technical benching contact a Territory Sales Manager today.



Customized Vidmar Industrial WorkbenchCustom-Build Your Workstation!

Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets are the building block of any workstation. Workstation cabinets are available in 30-, 33-, and 59-inch heights; 30- and 22-1/2-inch widths; and a 27-3/4-inch depth. Custom sizes also available.

Workstation drawers are available in 15 convenient sizes (2-1/4 to 13-1/4 high) and can be compartmentalized in any configuration you require. Each of your drawers can hold up to 400 lbs.!

This is where the work gets done! Work surfaces are available in a variety of tough materials (below) for a variety of tough jobs. Work surface lengths range from 30 to 120 inches.

Back and end stops are a perfect way to keep small parts from rolling off your work surface.

Increase your workspace and efficiency with Stanley® Vidmar® riser shelves and back panels.


Work Surfaces
Workstation work surfaces include Hardwood, Shop Top, Plastic, Plastic Radius, Static Dissipative, Static Dissipative with Radius, Stainless Steel, Formed Stainless Steel, Steel Plate, Steel Top, and Stainless Steel with MDF Core Top. Work surfaces available in lengths from 30 to 120 inches.

StaticGard™ Workstations
Stanley Vidmar offers a full line of StaticGard™ workstations designed to create a static-free work environment. StaticGard™ workstations provides static dissipative control as determined by ESD Association Controls, protecting against static damage both at and below your work surface.

Easy Workstation Mobility
All Stanley® Vidmar® workstations include built-in pallet feet that make moving your workstation—even fully loaded—an easy job. Workstation cabinets can be moved from the front or back.


The images below represent a small sampling of Stanley® Vidmar® industrial workbenches. Workstations are available in many styles, and can be custom-configured to any specifications you may require. For more information, contact a Storage Sales Engineer today.


A-1 Straight Industrial Work BenchA-4 Straight Workstation
A-1 Straight Workstation
A-4 Straight Workstation
A-6 Straight Work BenchA-12 Industrial Work Bench
A-6 Straight WorkstationA-12 Straight Workstation
B-1 Corner WorkstationB-3 Corner Workstation
B-1 Corner WorkstationB-3 Corner Workstation
B-6 Corner WorkstationB-8 Corner Workstation
B-6 Corner WorkstationB-8 Corner Workstation
C-1 Hi-Lo WorkstationC-4 Hi Lo Industrial Workstation
C-1 Hi-Lo WorkstationC-4 Hi-Lo Workstation
C-6 Hi-Lo Industrial workbenchC-8 Hi-Lo Industrial workbench
C-6 Hi-Lo WorkstationC-8 Hi-Lo Workstation
D-1 Center WorkstationD-4 Center Industrial Workbench
D-1 Center WorkstationD-4 Center Workstation
D-7 Center Industrial WorkstationD-12 Center Workbench
D-7 Center WorkstationD-12 Center Workstation

Visit our Interactive Product Catalog for more detailed information on workstations or technical benching contact a Territory Sales Manager today.