Nexus Accessory System

Nexus Accessory System

Nothing makes a Vidmar workbench more functional, flexible and profitable than our system of above-the-worksurface accessories and modular components that optimize the use of vertical space. Make any task easier with shelves, lighting, power, overhead cabinets, bin holders, monitor arms, accessory shelves, document holders and more. All components are ergonomically designed to increase productivity and decrease risk of injury.

The system has been designed to cost-effectively meet the needs of a broad variety of jobs. Modular and easily reconfigured, it can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing needs. It can also be retrofitted to any existing workbench, whether it’s from Vidmar or another manufacturer. Many components can be easily adjusted for specific tasks within a workshift. 

Nexus Accessory System benefits include:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Extensive selection of heights and widths, allowing you to configure your workspace to fit your needs
  • Reduced strain, increased ergonomic ease  ̶  accessories can be chosen and positioned to best suit each user for ultimate ergonomic adaptability
  • Many accessories can tilt and pivot in a number of positions, easily adjusting to the
    most comfortable and useful position
  • Wide choice of accessories means that whatever the task, an appropriate accessory is available
  • Light fixtures can be easily positioned at the desired height, depth and angle
  • Articulating arms mount to uprights, leaving full worksurface available for tasks

A Wealth of Choices
Choose from a wide range of accessories, including:

  • Steel shelves, both fixed and variable angle
  • Overhead task lighting
  • Tool rails
  • Power rails
  • Back stops
  • Roll holders
  • Bin box rails
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Louvered, pegboard and privacy panels
  • Marker boards and tack boards
  • Pivoting monitor arms
  • Pivoting accessory and equipment shelves
  • Pivoting document holders

Easy to Configure
Building your ideal workbench accessory system is an easy process. Simply select the frames (starters and adders) that fit your worksurface width, then pick accessories of corresponding widths to mount on the frames. Accessories are easily moved and repositioned as your needs change. System width is limited only by your worksurface length.

Easy to Order
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