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Talking about your storage cabinets is one thing—seeing them in action is another! Take a look at the interactive sections below to see how different companies use Vidmar products, and to learn how Vidmar can work for you.

Green Storage Solutions 

Going for LEED?

Our storage solutions will help you save space, reduce energy costs, and protect the environment. Learn how Vidmar can help you earn LEED certification today!


Lean Storage Cabinets & Solutions 

Go Lean

Find out how to increase work capacity and decrease operational costs with Vidmar storage systems. Our lean storage solutions help you perform at optimal efficiency.


Stanley Vidmar Choose your Colors  

Choose Your Colors

What do you want your Vidmar storage cabinets to look like? Mix and match our standard housing and drawer colors to create a cabinet that matches your work environment! 


Stanley Vidmar Customize Your Compartments  

Customize Your Compartments

Stanley® Vidmar® cabinet drawers are available in limitless layouts! Choose your partition configuration and divider setup to create a “Loading Diagram” that matches your storage needs!


Stanley Vidmar Cabinet Configurator  

3D Cabinet Configurator

Curious to see how your Vidmar storage cabinet will look? Bring your storage solutions to life with this easy-to-use 3D cabinet configurator. Customize every facet of your cabinets from height to drawer compartments.


Stanley Vidmar Videos  


Sit back and watch Stanley Vidmar go to work! See first-hand how our storage systems are put together, how much space they can save you, and how they perform on a day-to-day basis!



Literature Library

Want to learn more about a specific Vidmar product? Take a look at our literature library for in-depth information on our most popular storage solutions. We cover everything from military racks, to outdoor storage and Stak Systems.  


Stanley Vidmar The Big Benefits  

The Big Benefits

The biggest benefits of Vidmar storage solutions include rugged protection, maximum organization, and effortless retrieval times. Learn more about how our storage cabinets create structured and efficient work facilities. 



Image Galleries

Want to see our products in action? Take a look at our extensive photo galleries to see how industry professionals use Vidmar storage solutions.   



Case Studies

Our storage solutions have helped companies save space and stay organized for over 40 years. Read our case studies to learn how Vidmar has helped global businesses overcome each of their unique storage dilemmas.