Lean Manufacturing & 5s Solutions

Vidmar 5s CabinetsIn today’s world of cost concerns, shrinking budgets, and staff reductions, performing at optimal efficiency is critical. To help your business maintain the highest levels of organization and productivity, Stanley Vidmar offers a comprehensive selection of Lean-minded storage and inventory solutions.

Vidmar practices Lean standards and offers a range of storage solutions that can help your business increase work capacity, decrease operational costs, and improve employee satisfaction. And because our products are engineered to these same standards, Vidmar storage systems not only deliver superior storage conditions but also enhance the way you perform all of your work tasks.

Implement a 5s Workplace System

Businesses must eliminate unnecessary items and equipment, clean their work facilities, and establish a structured method of organization in order to effectively implement a 5s methodology program. The Vidmar 5s cabinet is an ideal solution for manufacturing businesses working on these lean-related programs. 5s cabinets feature pegboard inserts which help to increase organization, decrease tool retrieval times, and keep all tools within sight. Each 5s cabinet can also be customized with varying widths, heights, inserts, doors, shelving, and more.

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